Commitment and Responsibility


Everything we do at SOAR revolves around safety.

From our daily safety messages and weather updates to simply finishing each phone call or message with “be safe.” We are constantly striving to improve our industry-leading safety culture. Our philosophy is “if it can’t be done safely, we don’t do it.” We trust our drivers and contractors to make the right call while on the road. To prepare them these situations, we hold quarterly safety meetings to enhance their training and give bonuses structured to reinforce safe behavior. We’ve also invested in the latest safety technology available giving our operations team the ability to communicate in real-time with drivers.


Technology gives us ability to do more with greater efficiency and to do it better and we’ve invested in the right technology to allow us to do just that.

SOAR is outfitted with cutting-edge systems and software at every level, including operations and accounting, communications between drivers and the operations team, the experience drivers have in-cab, equipment inspection, document and billing, real-time data on equipment efficiencies and location, and load routing logistics.

EDI capabilites
Our long-term goal is to grow with our partners in all areas including efficiency and environmental stewardship and to that end we have invested heavily in our EDI capabilities creating open lines of communication and exchange with our top customers and reducing the paperwork required to operate.

We invest in the newest equipment to haul our freight. This; is evidenced by a fleet of tractors less than two years old and a fleet of trailers less than three years old. We believe it’s imperative to provide the newest advances in technology, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and as always safety when it comes to the equipment our drivers use on the road.

Here are some of the software solutions we use:

McLeod LoadMaster
A fully integrated dispatch operations management and accounting software solution with a broad set of flexible, functional capabilities tailored to transportation, integrates with DriverTech.

McLeod IQ
A fully customizable software solution that provides vital business and logistic analysis.

Microsoft Power BI
Gives real-time access to business KPI such as on-time service, tractor uptime, out-of-route mileage, and many other data points to help service our customers and serve our drivers.

McLeod Driver App
A mobile tool for drivers and contractors with functionality that includes load acceptance, two-way communication, image capture, and real-time solutions anywhere.

Transflo Velocity
Provides access to the truck stop scanning network and gives our drivers limitless options for mobile document capture and submission, shortening both ours and our customers billing cycles and improving the circle of service.

Truckload Wizard
A tool to analyze the market at large and keep our lanes and pricing in line with industry trends. Its functionality helps SOAR secure long-term viability and continue to offer best-in-class service to our customers and maintain job security for our workforce.

Telecommunication hardware that gives GPS location, real-time temperature reading, fuel levels, and the ability to adjust product temperatures resulting in knowing where the trailer is at all times, that the load is safe and that the integrity of the shipment is intact.

TMW Expert Fuel
Allows for more efficient fueling and fuel informed routing by providing not only the most direct routes and saving time, but on the most cost-efficient fueling locations to provide even more control over cost efficiencies.

See Where our fleet is today

An Innovative Fleet

SOAR Transportation Group is truly a multi-versatile fleet, with an array of 200+ company-owned tractors, over 150 independent contractors and 500 or more refrigerated trailers in use daily.

We use the best of many different equipment manufacturers for our 350+ tractor fleet. Our stable mainly consists of Freightliner and Kenworth tractors but we also have International, Volvo and Peterbilt equipment. Regardless of the manufacturer, all tractors are 2019 or newer with top-level specifications. Every tractor is professionally detailed and comes with a safety mitigation system, disc brakes, wired-in 1900-watt inverter, a refrigerator, digital antenna, an upper bunk, and LED lighting throughout to ensure all our employees and contractors have the top-of-the-line equipment needed to get the job done.

All our 500 trailers are 2019 or newer and manufactured by Utility or Hyundai. Each trailer features a diesel-powered Carrier brand refrigeration unit, a Hendrickson auto-inflate tire pressure system, and aerodynamic tails and side skirts. Our trailers are 53’ long with a maximum cargo weight of 44,000 lbs. with the average empty weight of 16,900 lbs. Safety remains our top priority so, all trailers are taped all around with a high-visibility material which makes for a safer, more visible trailer.

All of our tractors and trailers are regularly maintained at our company facilities. It’s a priority for us to ensure maximum reliability and cost-effectiveness throughout our entire fleet. In case of breakdown, our Over-the-Road Maintenance Department (OTRM) is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our OTRM department uses our network of over 2,500 service facilities to make sure repairs are done punctually and correctly, giving our drivers that have unforeseen breakdowns piece-of-mind on the road.

SOAR strives to be an excellent environmental partner. To be the best we can be, we’ve invested significantly in the latest technology available. We operate the most fuel-efficient tractors in the industry. Our trailers are equipped with the latest aerodynamic technology available. We promote better fuel economy by offering fuel bonuses to our company drivers based on their adherence to idling, mile per gallon, and efficient routing guidelines. And lastly, to decrease our environmental footprint, we use tire and battery recycling programs with our vendors.

Temperature-Controlled Trailer Specifications

  • Airflow chutes directly from the bulkhead
  • Carrier brand powered refrigeration units
  • Maximum cargo weight of 44,000 lbs.
  • Swing Doors
  • Trailers white and cleaned to help with temperature control fluctuations

Trailer Dimensions

  • Inside Height = 104"
  • Inside Width = 97.5"
  • Overall Length = 53'
  • Overall Height = 13'6"
  • Overall Width = 102"


Being involved with our community resonates deeply with our company culture here at SOAR.

We want, not only be a part of the community, but to help improve the communities where we operate. We do this not only through our direct donations to local food banks and charities, but by giving our employees the means to improve themselves within the community. With that in mind, we have initiated a tuition reimbursement program that allows any SOAR employee to pursue a related degree and have the cost of the tuition paid by SOAR with the submission of a completed degree certificate. Our initiative is to help our employees better themselves and in so doing better the community in which they live.


The transportation industry is the backbone of America.

During the pandemic we’ve come together, like never before, to keep America supplied with food, clothing, medical necessities, and all the other essentials for day-to-day living. As a refrigerated food carrier, we understand the importance of our cargo and SOAR never shut down. We remain constant, not only operating despite the challenges we all face but expanding to better serve our nation. Each of our drivers and Independent Contractors is an everyday hero. They have proved it time and again during this crisis.


We honor our distinguished heroes that served our country bravely, our military veterans.

We offer acknowledgment at each of our facilities with our Wall of Heroes that showcases the men and women who made the decision to serve our nation. Our industry is filled with service men and women who despite no longer being in active service still serve our nation every day.

Foundations and Sponsorships

We work hard to operate not only as a successful carrier partner to our
customers and employees, but as a charitable partner as well.

To that end, we have dedicated our resources to charities both nationally and locally. As a carrier partner for Wreaths Across America we donate equipment and drivers to deliver wreaths to the national cemeteries of our veterans. We serve as a keystone sponsor of the Open Road Foundation. We are also involved as a donor for Sub for Santa in our local community. This past year we provided over $15,000 dollars through employee and management contributions funding Christmas for more than 22 families as they recover from domestic violence in local area shelters.

Wreaths Across America Open Road Foundation